Shakopee students in grades 6-12 will switch to distance learning Nov. 20

Students at Shakopee middle schools, high school, and Tokata Learning Center will move to full-time distance learning beginning Nov. 20, the school district announced Thursday.

Shakopee elementary school students will remain in the hybrid learning model, with kindergartners attending on site every day.

The switch to full-time distance learning for secondary students comes after the Minnesota Department of Health released its weekly update on the number of covid-19 cases per 10,000 residents of Scott County. The most recent two-week data set available is from Oct. 11-24, in which Scott County averaged 37.32 covid cases per 10,000 residents, up from 29.15 the weeks of Oct. 4-17.

MDE recommends full-time distance learning for secondary students in counties with more than 30 cases per 10,000 residents.

“I sincerely wish our secondary students could continue in hybrid learning. Our students and staff have done a tremendous job in this learning model. Unfortunately, this is not an option starting November 20,” Superintendent Mike Redmond said in a statement. “Thank you for your continued support and understanding. Even though this isn’t the kind of news I enjoy sharing, today, as every day, is still a great day to be a Saber.”

According to the district, more detailed information will be released Tuesday, Nov. 10. The timeline for secondary students moving to distance learning is as follows:

  • Nov. 13 – End of the first quarter, and no school for students K-12
  • Nov. 16 – First day of second quarter, with Hybrid Group A on site
  • Nov. 17 – Second day of second quarter, with Hybrid Group B on site
  • Nov. 18 & 19 – No school for grades 6-12 to allow staff to plan for the transition
  • Nov. 20 – Begin distance learning for grades 6-12

Though elementary students will remain in the hybrid learning model, that could change if official case counts rise above 50 cases per 10,000 residents, per MDE’s recommendations.

Shakopee school administrators monitor the unofficial case count per 10,000 residents by dividing the number of Scott County cases for two weeks divided by 149,013, which is the county population. According to this formula, Scott County is sitting at about 62 cases per 10,000 residents for the period of Oct. 21-Nov. 4.

Since school started the week of Sept. 7, there have been 67 confirmed covid cases among staff and students in the district. Since Monday, three student cases and five staff cases have been confirmed. This information, including the chart below, can be found on the district’s website.

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