Opinion: Tabke seeks thoughtful solutions to complex problems

Submitted by Conor Bennett

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If I’m being honest with you all, as a parent of two young kids and the son of baby boomers well within the primary at-risk age range for covid, during this pandemic I’m constantly unsure if I’m being too conservative or too lax in how I approach our day to day lives. I regularly feel unsure on where we go from here. In these moments, I try to follow Mr. Rogers’ advice and look for the helpers.

In his years serving Shakopee as Mayor and in his first term as our State Representative, Brad Tabke has shown himself as a helper and as someone willing to seek out solutions wherever they may be with whomever is willing to collaborate.

Brad understands that this pandemic creates shifting questions that require an evolving response. What good is “opening everything” when we’ve lost those dearest to us? But also, is there a future available for our small business owners and those laid off by completely shutting down for months at a time?

We need a representative who is thoughtful and curious and who seeks to weave together a complex approach to difficult problems. Brad is someone who puts in the work by conversing with Shakopee business leaders regularly, promoting public health information, and amplifying financial resource information to help citizens financially stay afloat until the pandemic is over.

That is why I am voting to re-elect Rep. Brad Tabke to the Minnesota House of Representatives on Nov. 3. I hope you will join me.

– Conor Bennett, Shakopee

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