Lehman files to run for re-election to Shakopee City Council

By Amanda McKnight

Shakopee City Councilor Matt Lehman filed paperwork Monday to run for re-election to his council seat.

Lehman has served on the council for 18 years and won his most recent re-election bid in 2015 with the highest percentage of votes among five candidates, of which voters chose two.

His most recent term was extended from the standard four years to five when the city council voted in 2015 to move from odd-year to even-year election cycles.

“With such societal division, it’s critical we focus on policy differences recognizing it’s not personal — meaning, people with differing opinions are still good, loving people. Mutual respect is important,” Lehman said. “I believe my proven record, actions, and experience during this difficult time could be beneficial to our community.”

City Councilor Matt Lehman will run for reelection on the November ballot.

Lehman cited his experience on the City Council during the Great Recession in 2008 and said the city needs to focus on the needs of households and businesses that are struggling.

“The financial impacts of covid will be much greater than the 2008 recession,” he said. “We in local government need to make sure we do not make these impacts worse on those we serve while aslo supplying key priority services and maintaining infrastructure.”

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