Former Marine charged in Monday murder, details released

Brady Zipoy, 23
By Amanda McKnight

Brady Zipoy, 23, of Minneapolis, was formally charged Wednesday in Scott County District Court with second degree murder for shooting Timothy Guion, of Shakopee, in the head while Guion’s granddaughter and great-granddaughter took shelter in a bathroom.

According to the criminal complaint, Zipoy admitted to police that he shot Guion.

Police responded to the 2400 block of Paha Circle, on tribal land, around 7:22 p.m. Monday and found Guion inside his home with gunshot wounds. Guion was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center and pronounced dead there.

Guion’s granddaughter told police she and Guion were in the home chatting when they heard somone upstairs. Guion walked to the bottom of the stairs and called, “Hello?” When Zipoy started walking down the stairs, Guion reportedly asked, “Can I help you?”

Guion’s granddaughter heard the intruder say “yeah” and then he reportedly shot Guion multiple times.

Zipoy allegedly ran back up the stairs and out of the home after shooting Guion, while Guion’s granddaughter and her 2-year-old daughter took shelter in a bathroom.

Guion’s granddaughter’s husband had also been at the home, but he was reportedly in the yard with another child at the time of the shooting. According to the complaint, he came inside after Guion’s granddaughter called to him that “someone just shot grandpa.” He found Guion’s firearm on the floor next to him and reportedly grabbed it and took shelter behind a pole just in case the intruder was still somewhere in the home.

According to the court complaint, Zipoy had allegedly been hanging out with a friend at a next-door residence prior to the shooting. His friend told police Zipoy used to serve in the military and has post-traumatic stress disorder. According to Zipoy’s Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, he was a U.S. Marine.

Zipoy’s friend told police he and Zipoy were hanging out and smoking pot when Zipoy started making “bizarre comments” his friend didn’t understand. His friend at one point told Zipoy his comments were scaring him, according to the complaint. His friend also told police Zipoy is a “big gun guy” and had been making strange social media posts that were being teased by mutual friends.

Zipoy reportedly left his friend’s house around 7 p.m. Several minutes later, the friend heard several loud bangs and saw Zipoy on home surveillance running by his driveway.

Police reviewed the friend’s home surveillance and saw Zipoy had left the area at 7 p.m. but returned and parked in Guion’s driveway. A short time later, Zipoy can be seen running from Guion’s home and firing a gun into the air before dropping it in the driveway.

According to the complaint, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office provided a preliminary autopsy report to Shakopee police on Tuesday. Guion’s cause of death was identified as multiple gunshot wounds to his head, chest, left hand, and upper back.

Minnesota court records indicate Zipoy was convicted of a petty misdemeanor parking violation in 2015 and a petty misdemeanor for obstructing a fire lane in 2019.

Witnesses told police they have no reason to believe Zipoy and Guion knew each other.

Zipoy is appearing in Scott County District Court at 10:30 a.m. Thursday for a bail hearing.

To read the court complaint in its entirety, click here.

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