St. Gertrude’s COVID-19 infections rise as week unfolds

By Amanda McKnight

The number of patients and staffers at St. Gertrude’s Health and Rehabilitation in Shakopee with COVID-19 has increased by 15 since Monday.

Executive Director John Padjen posted an update to the St. Gertrude’s website on Thursday afternoon saying a total of 12 patients and 13 staffers are infected with the novel coronavirus. Padjen has been posting daily updates since the facility’s first 10 cases became public Monday.

“Currently, all patients who tested positive are recovering in isolation in one unit with committed caregivers,” Padjen wrote. “We are thankful that one of our associates has fully recovered from the virus and twelve are currently recovering in quarantine.”

The confirmed infections reported by the facility since Tuesday stem from a campus-wide testing effort completed Monday. Patients, residents, and staffers will all undergo a second round of mass testing on Monday, June 8, with a third planned for June 15.

“This testing is a part of a 3-step process through the state of Minnesota and administered by the MN National Guard,” according to Padjen.

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