Unredacted NeuVest report released

As I reported earlier today, the Minnesota Department of Administration has ruled that the NeuVest report, in the hands of law enforcement, is considered public data.

The NeuVest report was commissioned by a third-party from the Shakopee School Board in April 2017 to look at the operational health of the district. The report was completed in June 2017, and local law enforcement officials had access to it as part of their investigation into former superintendent Rod Thompson. A heavily redacted version of the report was released in the summer of 2017, but this is the first opportunity the community has had to read the report in its entirety.

I obtained the report from the Shakopee Police Department today, along with supplementary materials that were attached to it (this includes Thompson’s list of personal transactions that he gave to the Shakopee Valley News in 2017, emails among him and staff members/board members, text messages, and a copy of the lengthy staff survey conducted in 2017, as well).

To read or download:

NeuVest report

Exhibit 1: Includes P-card manual and emails about a vacation time payout of Rod’s

Exhibit 2: 2017 Climate Survey Responses (staff survey conducted by Shakopee Education Association)

Exhibit 3: Responses to 2017 Climate Survey, continued

Exhibit 4: Rod’s log of personal transactions and receipts, plus several emails exchanged between Rod and district staff

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